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ACP Philosophy


As one of the original four SubliJet distributors chosen by Sawgrass Technologies in 1996, ACP Technologies is a support oriented company dedicated to making our customer base successful using sublimation. We have become one of country's largest sublimation distributors by adhering to this philosophy: "If our customers are successful, then we will be successful."


1) We do not make unsolicited sales calls. 

2) Our phones are answered by people, not a machine. You will not be placed in the voice mail shuffle.

3) When we provide information about a product, we will tell it like it is. You will not be subjected to sales pressure.
4) We provide our customers with the best technical support available in the industry. When using SubliJet inks, we've already dealt with practically every issue that will confront you. From working with the software used to create the image, to questions about imprinting transfers on the various available substrates, our support department has the knowledge and experience to answer your questions correctly.
5) It is our pledge to you that we will always try to see things from your perspective and do what is best for you. ACP will never look at you as just a sale, but as a partner.
6) When we provide a product, it will have our seal of approval, and will perform as advertised.

  Customer Service: 1-800-741-2551
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