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Heat Pressing Info




Creating the Transfer
1) Use the templates on our website found at the following address.  The images are sized correctly with cut lines for you to follow when trimming the transfer.
Trimming the Transfer
1) Trim around the transfer as shown on the template, then secure the transfer with heat tape to all four sides of the Sublicrylic. The template transfer is sized so that the paper will not overlap the edges of the Sublicrylic. 

Heating the Transfer

1) Use a swing-a-way heat press that can accommodate items that are at least 1” thick.
2) Press Sublicrylic at 390o F using medium to heavy pressure for 7 minutes. For optimal results, you must use ACP's thin sponge rubber heat pad that has been designed specifically for imaging Sublicrylic. 
3) After imaging, inspect the Sublicrylic by lifting up only two of the taped sides at a time. DO NOT remove the transfer until you’re completely satisfied with the results. If you are not happy with the image, reheat the Sublicrylic for 2-3 minutes.
*** When using SubliJet R and SubliJet XG8 ink to imprint Sublicrylic, ACP recommends paying particular attention to your heating temperature. Using too much heat will over cook the black ink and turn blacks to brown in the image. ***

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