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As one of the original four SubliJet distributors chosen by Sawgrass Technologies in 1996, ACP Technologies is a support oriented company dedicated to making our customer base successful using sublimation.  

NEW! Vapor Solar Polo shirts available in White, Columbia Blue, & Pearl Grey.  Seagrass coming soon.

SG400 or SG800 + Virtuoso Print Manager = the ultimate in sublimation printing.

Stuck on gloss?
It's time to rethink matte.
Try an 8x10 Bison Matte tile.

Training can eliminate mistakes and save you money. We can help.
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Try our large format transfers printed on TexPrint Tacky paper for fabric! No spray or tape required!

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Save money with our cartridge recycling program!

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Our #1 focus is sublimation. It's not a sideline - it's what we do every day which means we can offer real help and advice.

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